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Flow Performing Arts is a Fusion Dance Company that combines various styles of dancing and this is how it stands out from other dance companies. We can perform traditional styles of dance, such as classical ballet or modern dance, as well as more controversial styles like hip-hop or acrobatics. This unique mix of dance is enjoyable for every kind of audience. We like to make classical ballet meet with hip-hop or to add a touch of latin dance in our modern dance choreographies. This gives a unique effect to our performances that cross the classical boundaries and build a new, personal way of dancing.
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In addition, Flow Performing Arts also works with other art forms such as live music, animation or acting. Because of their common passion for art, the artists inspire each other to create touching performances. This partnership also leads to the creation of spontaneous improvisations in addition to choreographed pieces.

Not only do we have a large network of artists we collaborate with on stage, but back stage we also have a hard working team with a director, sound engineers, lighting techniciens and camera operators, who complement our performances.

Finally, Flow Performing Arts also provides long performances in theaters, or shorter ones during festivals. We are really flexible on the location of our performances. Indeed, we enjoy to perform in places such as shopping malls, museum or even individual homes. We find it more interesting to dance in various environments because they are more challenging than a studio or a theater stage. These different locations stimulate the creativity of the dancers who have to adapt the performance to a specific environment, creating in this way, unique performances every time.

Along with this flexible offer we can also set up a broad range of dance workshops for private parties as well as for companies.


" Something totally different, very fun and refreshing" a visitor at the Gala Dusseldorf in collaboration with Herman van Veen

"The music became alive with your beautiful dancing" a visitor at newyear's concert in collaboration with Van Swieten Society

"This performance is suitable for both young and old people, there is so much to see!" a visitor at a performance at the DakotaTheater

"It gave me goosebumps ! " a visitor after a performance in a library in The Hague

"I went home with a very happy feeling, such a nice postive vibe" a visitor after a performance in theTheater de Nieuwe Regentes

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